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      1588562 Indiana plate
      Red truck w/ white passenger side front fender
      red truck

      As reported by several neighbors:
      “There are two men – one is a fast-talking blonde hair scrawny looking type with a confederate flag on his hat.

      Today I ignored a ring at my door and a few minutes later I found a guy about 5 feet into my garage looking around. I startled him and then he proceeded to tell me that I needed to take down a 40 year old completely healthy magnolia tree in my front yard. He appeared a little nervous.

      My tone and demeanor was not nice and he jumped in his beat up 70s/80s model red pick-up truck, loaded with limbs, and his buddy, who was busy looking around the Birtwistle’s house across the street, jumped in. They drove off.

      This is the 2nd time I have seen him here. Maybe they are looking for legit work; but being inside my garage (garage door was open) for a couple minutes is completely unacceptable.

      Be on the look-out for these jokers. The one speaks with a distinct Kentucky accent.”

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