Block Captains

WNA Crime Watch Roster – 2014

Crime Watch Coordinator
Sue Stiegman

Crime Watch Co-Coordinator
Marcy Carlson, 317-691-4812,

Windcombe Blvd. (78th& 79th)
Kevin Whiteacre, 317-603-7798,

Kimlough Drive (78th to Bridge)
Sue Stiegman, 317-457-9922,

E. 78th Street:
Andy Tresize, 317-701-4289,

Forest Lane (78th& 79th)
Mike Gamage 317-257-0450,

E. 79th Street
Bob Klecka 702-622-0134,

Forest Blvd. S. Drive
Erin Smith 317-709-1095,

Forest Blvd. N. Drive
Vanessa Burkhart 317-257-5790,

E. 80th Street
Adam Kline 317-757-8912,

E. 81st Street & Kimlough Dr.
Nick & Molly Beckmann 317-431-6089,

Kimlough Dr. (82nd & 83rd)
Bob & Kelly Weaver 317-625-4990

Forest Lane (82nd & 83rd)
Cheryl Wohlmuth 317-298-7036,

E, 82nd Street
Paul Arduini 317-257-2237,

Wincombe Blvd. (81st & 83rd)
Clare Deitchman 317-475-1775,

E. 83rd Street
Eva Chueng 317-475-0922,

E. 84th Street
Jeff Frownfelter 317-354-6399,

College Ave.
Sue Stiegman 317-457-9922,
(Gale) (Sharp)

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