Looking for WNA Volunteers

Please email Holly if you would like to learn more about the below positions:


President/President Elect: Coordinate and lead: Board, Board meetings, Bi-annual Association meetings, Newsletters, Contracts

Treasurer/Membership: responsible for dues collection; banking; payments and Paypal accounts. (this position requires a background check and résumé)

Crime watch coordinator: serves as organizer & informer for the Windcombe crime watch group. Establishes a system for sharing information with neighbors, schedules meetings 2-3 times a year with all block captains & communicates directly w/ the IMPD North District Crime Watch Specialist to ensure ongoing compliance with program.

Co-Neighborhood Liaisons: works with the city/county agencies that have an impact on Windcombe.  Attends meetings to gain more information about initiatives that effect Windcombe and advocates for Windcombe.   (Northside Community Council, Nora Alliance, work closely with the Mayor’s office and our elected officials.)

Secretary: record notes at all board meetings and association meetings, mailings, and assist with newsletters

Event Coordinator: Plan neighborhood events including but not limited to socials/picnic, Easter egg hunt, 4th July and caroling.

New Neighbor Welcome: greet new neighbors with a smile, gift basket (create gift basket)